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Cold Somen

Somen are thin Japanese noodles. Cold somen noodles are served with dipping soup and toppings. Mix toppings in the dipping soup and dip a small amount of somen noodles in the soup to eat. It's a popular summer meal in Japan.

This picture is from a party in Kyoto. Somen is dropped down the split bamboo. You need to catch it, with your chopsticks, before it reaches the bottom or you don't get to eat.


  • 3/4 lb - 1 lb dried somen noodles
  • *Mentsuyu (Japanese noodle dipping soup)


grated ginger, shiso leaves, myoga


  1. Boil water in a large pan. Add dried somen noodles in the boiling water, gently stirring noodles with chopsticks. It usually takes 4-5 minutes to boil somen. If it's necessary, add a little bit of cold water in the pan to prevent overflowing. 
  2. Drain somen in a colander and cool them under running water. Wash the noodles with hands under running water. 
  3. Serve drained cold somen in a large serving bowl. 
  4. Serve mentsuyu (noodle dipping soup)in individual cups and place some toppings, such as grated giner, strips of shiso leaves, myoga slices on the side.