The hidden advantages of an uninsulated water bottle

There can’t be anything more important than a water bottle. Something with a reliable cap that you can fill up with water again and again. They should be light, sturdy, easy to refill and easy to drink from. 

Plastic bottles are light, and insulated water bottles are great for keeping drinks cold, but in a disaster a single-walled water bottle is far more utilitarian. This rugged vessel is not only crack-proof and crush resistant, but it has a hidden advantage: it can be used to cook soup, make tea, or boil water to make it safe to drink. A plastic bottle would melt, and an insulated bottle would explode in extreme heat. 

Select bottles made of a material that will withstand fire, such as stainless steel or titanium, with no paint or coatings. Also, look for a wide mouth to make it easier to eat out of the bottle. An 18oz bottle is a good size for carrying, and of course, make sure you have a bottle for every person in your family.


TRIPLE TREE 26 OZ Uninsulated Single Walled Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle
A super tough and inexpensive bottle made of stainless steel. The 26oz size fits nicely in a car cup holder or bike bottle cage. The wide mouth also makes it easy to fill with ice to keep your water chilled. Make sure you pick the uninsulated version. Check it out on

Titanium Bottle with Nesting Cup
Titanium is a game changer. Significantly more expensive than the stainless steel bottle, but the bottle is lighter and stronger than stainless steel. More importantly, all you taste is fresh water instead of the metallic taste you get in other metal bottles. This 750ml model comes with an insulated sleeve and a titanium cup that fits on the bottom of the bottle. Check it out on

What can you do right now?

Order one bottle for each person in your family and put them in your Go bag. They'll probably be here in one or two days. The goal is not to be done, but to do one little thing today that makes you better prepared for the future.