Pack a few items in your emergency bag to provide comfort

You may not be able to make life go back to normal right away, but if you have kids you can certainly help them hold onto something that will give them a sense of peace and safety. 

Stuffed animals and other stuff

For younger children this could be a stuffed toy. When we found something our kids like we always bought a duplicate. This is the perfect place to keep a backup stuffed giraffe or blankie. 

For older children this could be something entertaining to help them make the time go by. Look for something age appropriate that will keep their mind occupied. A small game, book, or comic would be fine. Newness counts so don’t let them see it before you pack it away.

Family photos

Family and individual photos provide a double purpose. A happy photo of the family together will help people, kids and adults alike, visualize what is meaningful to them. 

Photos of everyone in the family may also help if you need to find someone who is lost, or to let other’s know who is in your group. If you have them, don’t forget to include pictures of your family with your pet, as well as a nice profile picture for your pet if they get lost. 

Don’t forget special events  

Even if a disaster does completely disrupt your life, you can keep it on track by celebrating holidays and parties that were planned in advance. Wrap up presents and give them out, even if the originals are gone or delayed. Halloween costumes can still be made from found objects. If nothing else, chicken in place of a turkey, a simple toast, or singing Auld Lang Syne will make it a holiday you’ll never forget.

What can you do right now?

Grab a few family photos and an extra stuffed animal right now and add it to your Go bag. In the future, try to get an exact duplicate of any favorite stuffies or toys. Get a complete set of photos of your family together, individual photos, and photos of your pets. The goal is not to be done, but to do one little thing today that makes you better prepared for the future.